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This is the website of the "Friends of the Old Paint Company" ~ the former employees of BJN, HPG, Lewis Berger & Sons, British Paints, Berger Jenson and Nicholson, John Hall, British Paints, Sir W.A. Rose, Keystone Paints, Resinous Chemicals[RCL], Cuprinol, Ault & Wiborg, The London Varnish and Enamel Company,  and the companies that formed the B.J.N./H.P.G./Berger Group in the UK.

Several of the former BJN companies have an annual reunion.


for a copy of the "Friends " last newsletter* please double click Newsletter ~ 2023

        Some back issues .... back to 2000 are available        



The Berger, Jenson & Nicholson "Friends of the Old Paint Company" has been in existence since the Company closed in 2000. the first reunion was held in October of that year. "Friends of the Old Paint Company" is now a subscription group [£10 p.a.]. The next reunion will be on 29th September 2023 in "The Crows Nest" at the Moby Dick, Whalebone Lane North, Chadwell Heath. [ Kick-off is 3.00pm and will go on till late ]

      The Berger, Jenson & Nicholson "Friends" have had twenty-two reunions since the company closed. Current membership is 68 former employees. In December each year, an annual newsletter goes to everyone on the active database. Membership is £10 per year by standing order ~ please contact us for more information.      

To get your name on our database,

please send your e-mail and postal details to any of the following

      e-mail contacts:           John Cain          Bob Davies Bill Noad      
                 Any photos of the Homerton / Stratford /Chadwell Heath sites  will be most welcome      
      The John Hall [Hengrove] "Friends" reunion:      

Tony & Joan Lageu on 01275 545107

      Any photos/memorabilia of the John Hall [Hengrove site]  site will be most welcome      
      The Cuprinol [Frome] "Friends" reunion:          
      Contacts for the Cuprinol [Frome ] staff :  

      David O'Brien   37 Preachers Vale, Coleford, Radstock, Somerset.  BA3 5PT      
      Any photos/memorabilia of the Cuprinol [Frome]  site will be most welcome        
      British Paints and Resinous Chemicals      

We believe there is a reunion for the people who worked in the Tyne and Wear area for British Paints and Resinous Chemicals but to date have not made contacts for this area. If you have any information on this reunion or the the history of the old British Paints and Resinous Chemicals companies, please contact us. Any photos of the British Paints / RCL site will be most welcome


For information regarding the Friends of the Old Paint Company, details of the reunion or newsletter or to go on �The Friends� databases, the contact, for forwarding is:



 snail mail to:           'Friends of the Old Paint Company'.  c/o 44 Northwood Gardens, Ilford, Essex IG5 0AJ


The Friends of the Old Paint Company would like to thank the following

for the information and materials received in  developing this website:


Bill Storey, George Murphy, Dick Woodbridge, John Cain, Brian Law, Geoff Pink, Ron Stanfield,

Ken Arbuckle,  Bob Hanson,  Jack Hamer, Mike Sayles, Brian Davies, Bill Crisp, Richard Banwell,

Bob Batey, Arthur Hopgood, Bart Kent, John Balfour, Bruno Giordan, Pat Goodwin, Derek Aldis,

John Crookes, Len Shipman 


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